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Project Brief

Icon's are a prominent player in the interactive world we live in today. Whether on a webpage, redbox kiosk, iphone app, or apple doc, this simplified approach to communicating can add legitimacy to any design as well as improve the user experience of those exposed to them. 

Target Audience

  • Average Joe
  • Plain Jane
    • The goal of this project was to emulate the glossy high quality icons utilized by designers today. With that in mind, the target audience truly was the average computer used in America today… um everyone.         

Proposed Solution

I figured I'd take different items that had meaning to me and attempt to capture their essence on screen. Again the goal was to get that glossy high polished look used today so I relied heavily on hue and gradients.

Just for fun I'll fill you in on the symbolism:

  • Grumpy man in internet explorer logo — Do I need to say anything else? IE is the old grumpy guy online. He doesn't play nice cause he figures he's paid his dues and everyone else should pay their to him.
  • Young stylish firefox look-a-like — He's on the flip slide of internet explorer. He's the young gun of the show, the fuure of the web.
  • Skull enclosed in <> — Symbolizing html, the structure of the web
  • French dude encosed curly braces — the style the web.
  • Deli sandwich — for sure the best lunch option out there. Except maybe for Chipotle or cookies…
  • Cookie Jar — Cookies have a special place in my heart.
  • My Backpack — We go way back and have been through a lot together.
  • Grand Piano — Music and I have a pretty long history. Whether it's listening to the latest albums of my favorite bands, learning some knew songs, or writing my own, few weeks go by without a good jam session.

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