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Proposed Campaign

Project Brief

Kemp's Riddley is the smallest sea turtle in the world and located predominantly in the Gulf of Mexico. The species as a whole has been on a decline ever since the 60's & this campaigned aimed at increasing awareness as well as addressing some 'bad-blood' between conservationist and the Gulf's populace.   

Target Audience


  • The largest threat to the Kemp's Riddley is drowning in trawl nets used for shrimping.

Gulf Coast Population

  • The second largest threat is encroachment. The Kemp's Riddley mate offshore but the females flock to beaches collectively in what is commonly called an arribada. For whatever reason, the locals have taken to pocketing these eggs

Significant Notes

Turtle Exclusion Device ( TED )

  • Sinkey Boone developed a simple solution in the 70's called the Turtle Exclusion Device or TED for short. The device worked like a trap door at the end of a trawl net which would open when an animal with enough mass hit it. Shrimp were too small and wouldn't be able to escape the net while turtles could swim free.
  • Although the TED decreased sea turtle mortality drastically, at little loss of profit, the shrimper's responded violently when legislation was passed to enforce them use it.
  • In addition to that, many shrimpers rarely catch a turtle, only one turtle per 322.5 hours so it can be easy to justify not 'playing by the rules'.

Proposed Solution

Create an integrated campaign targeting the two main threats to the Kemp's Riddley simutaneously.

Meet Ted — A Necessary Evil

This faucet of the campaign aimed to educate the shrimpers and gain some much needed rapport between conservationists and the shrimpers. The main imagery for the campaign reflects this by linking ted with taxes, in-laws, Politian's and other things in life that you just kind'a have to take with a grain of salt. The hope was to use some humor to lessen the guard and get away from the 'propaganda' feel of conservationist material. The campaign acted as a 'come-on' to tap into people's curiosity. Billboards were designed, mail outs were created, and bumper stickers were planned. A twelve-page booklet was put together as well as a web site explaining the issue and why it'd make sense to do something about it.

Meet Ned — An Unnecessary Evil

This faucet sought to highlight how locals could involved in supporting the cause as well as demonstrate the value in a healthy ecosystem. The dual nature of the campaign would encourage interactivity with the audience.        

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