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Project Brief

Typography is a make or break element of design. The right font at the right the time can take a piece to the next level. It takes one kind'a designer to agree with that statement and a whole different breed to actually pull it off. With that in mind and a little help from Ellen Lupton‛s "Thinking with Type", I put together a 'Typography Primer' for the next generation highlighting important lessons I learned along the way. 

Target Audience

  • Aspiring Designers
  • Program Instructors

Proposed Solution

  • Collect the top twenty typographical 'best practices' and put them together into a lean, durable, & elegant field guide.
  • Within each 'best practice' callouts would highlight good and bad uses of those instances.
  • Since Typography was the spirit of the piece, all design elements would be done using type as a means of inspiration.  

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