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Project Brief

Jemima has been around forever, and there's nothing new or exciting about their product which differentiates themselves from their competition. For a campaign to succeed in increasing sales and guiding people down the buying funnel, the brand would need to engage with its audience in a more dynamic fashion. The end goal was to create a brand experience that the target audience would connect with and advocate once exposed to it. 

Target Audience

  • College students – buy food cheap
  • Kids – it's been noted before that kids have a large impact on what the parents buy.
  • Parents – They're the one who ultimately call the shots. 

Proposed Solution


Create a three staged campaign featured around awareness, features, and benefits.

  • The Awareness Stage — would serve to get the name out there without a tie to an actual benefit the product serves. The crazier the concept the better, this stage was about recognition and gaining credibility.
  • Features stage — would serve to present an element of the brand that is unique or helps to define the brand against the competition.
  • Benefit stage — would present either an actual benefit or a perceived benefit of purchasing Aunt Jemima over another brand. 


  • Awareness stage — Rich Desire
    • The first stage would feature prominent fast-food figureheads dreaming of / 'desiring' to hold hands with or get close with Jemima. The example shown is of Burger King's the 'King' other concepts included having Wendy's looking enviously at B.K. and Jemima holding hands & Ronald McDonald proposing to Jemima.
  • Features stage — Rich History
    • After researching the company & the competition, it became apparent that one major difference between Jemima and it's competition was the maturity of the brand. Jemima has lived through the triumphs and horrors of the twentieth century. What better way to display that visually then to show highlights from the twentieth century with Jemima photo-shopped in. Concepts included: Jemima at Iwo Jima, Jemima landing on the moon, Jemima with Martin Luther.
  • Bennefit stage — Rich Flavor
    • When it comes to pancakes and syrup, the ultimate benefit of the purchase is the taste. Here the thought was to show different people from different walks of life guzzling down aunt Jemima syrup.   

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