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Project Brief

Ambrosia Web Technology was looking to make a name for itself. I was just hired as an intern with the goal of creating a free service that located lemonade stands around the country. A service like that seemed as though it'd be appreciated by the public and at the same time get Ambrosia's name out there. After conceptualizing the site and building a mock up, the powers that be deemed the site had safety & privacy concerns. Thus the site was never built.

Target Audience

  • Children & parents of those hoping to put up a stand.
  • Professionals looking to get a website operational. 

Since the goal was two-fold, the audience was as well. On one hand, the site had to be family-friendly for the actual user and on the other, it needed to appeal to those in need of web work. 

Proposed Solution

The photos were taken in various places around Des Moines symbolizing how you could find a lemonade stand in any environment. Whether by a lake, side walk, or a parking garage… just enter your zip and bam! fresh lemonade. Definitely a family-friendly approach that would appeal to those looking for a creative presence online.  

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